Meditation Mondays


Since I haven’t done a check-in for my meditation practice since I first set my good intention of doing so (ooops!), I thought it might finally be time to do so…particularly since I have actually be meditating!

The good news is that I have in fact managed to meditate some each month since I started tracking all of this in May. June was by far my most successful month, with 200 minutes of meditating time total. May, July, and August was more like 50 minutes a month. Let’s see what I can make of September (already at 40 mins, go me)!

The other thing I’ve really been trying to do is sneak moments of meditation into my regular routine.  The most common way I do this is taking three minutes to bless my tea as it brews, simultaneously charging it with whatever quality will balance me for the coming day.  Another way I meditate is while knitting–I only count knitting where I’m completely focused on the stitches, so it has to be a fairly easy pattern to qualify, but still, getting lost in a simple “one, two, knit, one, two, purl” count really helps still my mind.  Lastly, I’ve been paying more attention to how long I spend in child’s pose in the morning before getting out of bed, which I also count as a few minutes of meditation.

Other fun facts:

Percent of days with at least one session: 42%
Total time spent meditating: 6h 52m
Number of sessions: 50
Average session time: 8.2 mins
Longest session time: 15 mins

In short, I think I can do better, but I’m actually quite pleased at how well I’ve been doing without trying too hard.

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