30 DoA #30: Overtures


30. Any suggestions for others just starting to learn about this deity?  If you are just beginning to court Wayland, always start with the primary sources. Read the Eddas, the Anglo-Saxon poems, the later Germanic sources. Get a good grounding in his extant mythology as it will help inform and filter your own gnoses as your realtionship with him develops.

The primary rule in approaching Wayland in my experience has been “Take Your Time.”  While he’s not quite as slow moving as one of Tolkien’s ents, he appreciates small, consistent gestures over time.  One big flashy offering is unlikely to gain his serious attention. Show him your own capacity for patience and diligence.  Dedicate your crafting process to him.  Share your food and drink with him as kin. These are the best ways to approach him.

The second rule: be very, very aware that while the Smith’s most public face is as a god of civilization, a Maker, there is a very primal, very dangerous current that runs underneath.  I’ve had a difficult time making peace with that aspect of Wayland, the part that only wants to hurt others in retribution for what he has suffered. He destroys, not as easily as he creates, perhaps, but the proclivity towards revenge remains.

Of all the deities whom I honor, Wayland is perhaps the one to whom I feel closest.  His is a very human tale, full of love, betrayal, and freedom. I have to admit that I like my gods to be fallible–their tales of woe and loss satisfy more than the perfect prism proposed by the Abrahamic monotheisms. Flaws and all, Wayland is an approachable god for most who would seek him.

Just leave a coin at the smithy.

One thought on “30 DoA #30: Overtures

  1. I’ve got to wonder if this is part of why I like demons so much (or at least the ones I deal with). Fallible is one way of putting it. I do love dem bad boyz.

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